Our Story

One of Klang Valley's most iconic malls.

In 1982, the foundation stone of what has come to be known as Atria was laid right in the heart of Damansara Jaya. Everyone was mindful of its potential, but no one expected the phenomenon it became.


Ask a local who is at least 35 years old, and they would either proudly recite their glory stories with a smile of nostalgia, reminiscing young and dangerous days at Piccadilly Discotheque; or meticulously compare today’s retail stores with Japanese Kimisawa and French Printemps departmental stores. The young ones would most probably roll their eyes, nonchalantly exclaiming, "What's the big deal?"

It was a big deal.

Close your eyes. Imagine the most unique and desirable place to be at at right now. A place where birthdays are celebrated, where selfies are taken to be uploaded on social media; a place everyone wants to be seen at - the talk of the town... That is the exact same sentiment people felt about Atria (although, back then, there were only physical books instead of Facebook).

Alas, how trends like seasons come and go, Atria has since been in and out of the spotlight over the past decades… until now.

"The place everyone wants to be seen at…"

It started off as a dream to recreate a place where inspirations, celebrations, and memories are made; and then buzz was created that Atria will have a makeover like never before - a makeover that needed much time, scrupulous effort and people of the similar vision to achieve.

Today, standing proud and tall, in its entirety, Atria Shopping Gallery is the product of a romantic vision illuminated by architectural artisanship with a timeless purpose: to be the place everyone wants to be seen at.

"Here's to new beginnings, memories, and a lifetime of celebrations for generations to come."

Welcome back to Atria Shopping Gallery.

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